About The Smith's

Smith's Pumpkin Patch serving Lynchburg for over 20 years

On December 23, 1989 God united Chris, my husband and I, Lenaya into a family. From there our house quickly grew into an additional three kids by 1994. We had always known, if God allowed, we wanted to have a big family. The only issue we were having were the lack of funds coming our way to supply what our family needed. I remember one time my oldest son, Christopher needed some socks and we literally did not have enough money to purchase them. Do not get me wrong, God truly blessed during this time and for some reason we always had food on the table, though not much in the cupboards.

In August of 1994, Faith was 8 months old and I was in the middle of directing a Vacation Bible School and I came home to find my husbands Uncle Donny in our driveway. I was a bit surprised and Chris was at work, but I invited him in and he gave me my first lesson on business. He then preceded to hand me a check and told me we were GOING to do a pumpkin patch in October and he would be back down with the supplies to build a structure and some other supplies to get us started. The check he gave me was to purchase pumpkins and assorted other things to sell, BUT he would like that amount back plus $1,000 more by the end of October. He left that afternoon and I was excited about the future! You see, at that time I was babysitting during the day, working at Jcrew at night and trying to home school during the day. Chris was working at Coke, and working long hours. Needless to say, I was grateful for God allowing Chris and I to work but we were thoroughly exhausted raising three kids 4 and under, and barely getting by. That first year of the Pumpkin Patch was a learning process all the way through! Uncle Donny has a pumpkin patch in Manassas, VA and had been in the business for approximately 20 years, and I believe we called him practically everyday! That first year was a success but one of the greatest blessings was to meet so many people in the community that, through the years, have become friends. We had a successful first year, paid Uncle Donny back his money, plus $1,000. We are grateful that he did not just hand us the money because he felt sorry for us, he knew that you are better off earning your way through life, then to continually take from others.

There have been times in our lives that God has blessed us by people giving and we are grateful! But, for Chris and I, we want to be the blessing to others instead of always being the takers and through the Pumpkin Patch we praise God that we are able to bless others through our business. In 1995 we started our first Firework stand and we learned an important lesson that year. We were robbed and about $4,000 worth of fireworks were stolen from us. That is a lot of money for us and we had to re-order and just try to brake even. We made a bit of money but we realized that business is hard, real hard but the more you try, the more you sweat, the better it gets! We now have 6 kids and each has been raised working at the Pumpkin Patch and Firework stands and more recently, the Christmas Tree lot. We home schooled and the schedule is flexible enough to allow the kids to actively participate in each of our business endeavors. I have now graduated 3 of the kids and I thank God that they were raised in business because each of them are hard workers and love serving the Lord, for that I am very grateful.

So, this is our story in a nutshell but there are a few people I have to thank for the 18 years we have been in business:

  • Beverly Roberts: She is known as the Pumpkin Painter and has been with us since the beginning, we love you Bev!!
  • Lynn Farmer: She is the one who organizes and keeps it all going smoothly, we love you Lynn!
  • Uncle Donny: Thanks for having a bit of Faith in us, we love you!
  • Smith kids: You were never paid what you were worth, for the hours you put in, for the hard jobs that were placed before you but we will always appreciate all you have done. Dad and I love you all VERY much and are so proud of the men and women you are becoming!!
  • Community: Every year I look forward to seeing each and every one of you! I love the conversations, smiling faces and families spending time together! Thank you for coming and allowing us to be a part of your lives!
  • Jesus Christ: Thank you, Heavenly Father, for allowing us to serve You. We are undeserving and only by you dying on the cross, rising again and accepting the gift of eternal life through You and only You, can we daily rise up and prayerfully be a blessing to others!